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Making your pleasure a priority may mean adding some spice to your intimate relationship, and my LOVE KIT may contain all the necessary components to ensure you achieve just that.

A more confident, satisfying sex life is has never been easier. However, if you are among the millions that experience sexual frustration, this goal may seem unattainable. Lack of sexual desire, decreased attraction and insufficient lubrication can undoubtedly have a negative impact on the quality of your sex life. Although it can be an uncomfortable topic for many, these key factors must be addressed when experiencing sexual frustration within a relationship.

I created the Love Kit to include specially formulated products that focus not only on stimulating the libido and naturally increasing chemical attraction, but also on decreasing painful sex by boosting moisture. You'll be romance-ready whenever you need it because the kit is so simple to use and works so quickly.

There are so many sexual products that flood today’s market that it can even make our decisions seem overwhelming. That doesn't make an informed decision any less important. In fact, choosing healthy, non-toxic personal products is critical. Most products available contain irritants, hormone disruptors and/or toxic ingredients that can pose health dangers to women. My Love Kit contains a combination of formulas that are pH balancing and are designed to help you preserve a healthy vaginal ecosystem.

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ELIXIR FEMALE LIBIDO CREAM™ - ELIXIR Libido Cream is a specially formulated blend of ingredients that increases blood flow to the sexual organs of women and men, thereby stimulating libido. All-natural, plant based. Hormone free. No phthalates. Without parabens. No toxins. Unscented. Silicone free.

ELIXIR FEMININE GEL - Allows you to experience the profound benefits of hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins and antioxidants in a luxurious personal lubricant. This non-sticky, non-greasy gel feels so natural with such a velvety glide that it enhances sex and alleviates discomfort and irritation. Hormone free. No phthalates. Without parabens. No toxins. No fragrance. Without silicone.

ELIXIR MALE ATTRACTION PHEROMONES - I have formulated it according to how your natural pheromones work. The light application of my ELIXIR PHEROMONES in the right places can enhance the signals of attraction of the opposite sex towards you. Hormone free. No phthalates. Without parabens. No toxins. vegan. Long lasting.

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Based on 18 reviews.
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Pheromones are infamously thought to increase sexual desire, among other subconscious effects on human behavior. Essentially, pheromones are hidden communication signals. When emitted, pheromones stimulate sexual arousal, desire and hormonal response. My Male Attraction Pheromone formula is now available and is specifically designed to help you draw attention in a crowd without being over the top! The best pheromone products are formulated according to how your natural pheromones work. Light application of my pheromone formula in just the right places can enhance your body’s attraction signals. Discover a natural Pheromone formula designed to attract your man.



Instructions: Mix one scoop in 2oz. of water stir briskly with a fork until it becomes a smooth paste free of lumps, fill the rest of the glass with water, vegetable milk or juice. For extra nutrition, you can add VitaVerde™ to protein shakes made using the VitaProtein™.